Who We Are

Offering year-round full service commercial property management including landscaping, lawncare and snow removal services to the Greater Calgary area including Airdrie, Brooks, Okotoks, High River, Nanton & Surrounding area.

Commercial Snow Removal
& Ice Management

Our services range from snow clearing and ice management of sidewalks, walkways, entrances and common areas, to the clearing and sanding of parking lots and main roadways. We assume the liability of any slip and falls on your property, taking away your worries. Full snow logs and complete documentation of all services are kept for any necessary occurrences.

Year-Round Commercial
Property Maintenance

Our Summer maintenance program starts with a spring cleanup, aeration and fertilization of your property. We then continue with regular maintenance of mowing, trimming, weed control and cultivating the plant beds, as well as litter pick up and garbage removal. Finishing with a fall cleanup and a fall fertilization, in preparation for winter.

Pressure Washing

Clean is always good. It shows you take pride in your property and you want it to look it’s best. We provide a pressure washing service that can take care of washing down your building, sidewalks, or anything else that requires a good cleaning.

Parking Lot Sweeping
& Line Painting

With all the ice control material used throughout the winter months and additional debris that collects under the snow piles, this service will make your parking areas immaculate in the spring. With a fresh coat of paint on the lines, handi-cap stalls and parking zones your parking areas will shine.

Hardscape Services

Hard landscaping involves projects that cover the entirety of the yard. It is the stage prior to soft scaping. This can be retaining walls, sleeper walls, ponds, paverstones, stairs, fences etc. Irrigation and drainage issues also fall under the category of Hardscape. Our Hardscape professionals can design and build features that add beauty and quality to your property.

Irrigation System Installation,
Repairs & Servicing

We provide complete irrigation services from your spring start ups to your fall winterization, including repairs, designs and installations. Irrigation keeps your property green and your plant material healthy and lush.

Skid Steer / Bobcat Auger / Post Holes / Deck Piles

We can auger holes for wood and chain link fences of any size and also drill for your deck piles.

Softscape Services

Softscape encompasses the animate or living horticultural elements of landscape design. In other words, it refers to “plants”. Softscapes are the elements that are complimented by Hardscape (See Hardscape).

From common grasses to ornamental grasses, shrubs, weedy plants or annual and perennial flowers, our knowledgeable staff with install plant material that is suitable for Albert’s climate, taking into consideration the growth and care requirements that can play a factor in which plants are chosen. We also create basket and pot arrangements, with either living or artificial winter or seasonal themes, to give the all-year-round softscape effect.

Flower Beds

Curb appeal is imperative to any property. Annual and perennial flowers can beautify a site, drawing in potential tenants or owners. Our plant bed professionals will design, install and maintain your flowers and plant material, so that your property stands out.

Lawn & Vegetation Painting

Do you have an event coming up or owners scheduled to inspect the property? Are your outdoor areas in need of greening up but there’s no time to replace dead shrubs or re-sod yellow spots on the lawn. Lawn Paint can green your property instantly, matching the green to any of your vegetation.

Environmentally safe, it can last up to 6 weeks, depending on growth and the weather.

Arbor Work

We offer complete arbor services including tree pruning, installations and removals. Our tree experts will inspect your trees and shrubs for disease and pests, as well as pruning to keep your plant material healthy and looking its best.

Hedge Trimming

We are Trains Lawn Care Services Ltd

Where Service Still Matters

Offering year-round full-service commercial property maintenance and landscaping for commercial/Industrial Properties and Condominiums to the Greater Calgary Area.